The NEURO Club

The Neuroscience Education, University Research, and Outreach Club at The University of Chicago

NEURO has been collaborating with The Think Tank, a University of Chicago project which aims to bring science to the streets with its literal neuroscience lab on wheels. The Think Tank project encourages diversity in science: training the new Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Marie Curie of tomorrow!

NEURO & TTT have successfully acquired funding for the Illuminoggin - a glowing brain to be mounted on top of The Think Tank that can be removed and can be used to measure brain activity of those wearing a headset - coming alive with light! Check out NEURO & TTT's pitch for the Illuminoggin below:

Meet our Think Tank partner!
Tyler Alterman, Co-Founder, Operations Director

Tyler is a J.K. Watson Fellow, Goldsmith Scholar, and recent graduate of CUNY's Macaulay Honors College, where he dreamt up The Think Tank as his senior thesis project. Tyler has combined his cognitive science and communications background to help create campaigns raising over $300K with nonprofit, co-author an upcoming book on environmental psychology with Columbia's Earth Institute for Environmental Sustainability, and design public health messaging under the president of Yale.