The NEURO Club

The Neuroscience Education, University Research, and Outreach Club at The University of Chicago

The Neuroscience Education, Undergraduate Research & Outreach (NEURO) Club is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at the University of Chicago centered around those interested in the field of Neuroscience and educating the on-campus and surrounding community about Neuroscience.


NEURO is committed to expanding public knowledge about the brain sciences in an understandable and applicable manner in both the campus and surrounding communities. At the University of Chicago, we aim to connect undergraduate students with University resources in order to keep them current regarding advancements in neuroscience, and get them involved in the field. Just as importantly, NEURO focuses on extending its resources (through involvement with a variety of organizations and events) into the greater Chicago area in order to expose students and community members to neuroscience and raise awareness of how important it is to their lives.