The NEURO Club

The Neuroscience Education, University Research, and Outreach Club at The University of Chicago

Throughout each academic year, the Committee on University Enrichment NEURO plans a lecture series - with the goal of bringing neuroscience to the community at large by having prominent neuroscience researchers from both within the university community and from institutions across the nation. These lectures are span a variety of neuroscience-related fields, including vision & art, neuroeconomics, neuroengineering, and the history of neuroscience.

Check out one of our recent lectures, with Dr. Margaret Livingstone (Harvard Medical School) on vision & art!

In the past, NEURO has invited the following - click the links to view their talk online:

  • Dr. Michael DeWeese, UC Berkeley- "Have you Heard?  Neural Mechanisms of Selective Auditory Attention" -Spring '15
  • Dr. Jay Balachandran, UChicago- "Adventures in Dreamland: An Overview of Sleep Medicine" -Spring '15
  • Dr. Jonathan Flombaum, John Hopkins- "Why is Thinking Hard? Insights from Visual Thinking" -Winter '15
  • Dr. Ki Goosens, MIT - "Stress and the Brain: Why is Stress Bad for the Brain?" - Fall '14
  • Dr. Margaret Livingstone, Harvard - "What Art Can Tell Us About the Brain" - Spring '14 
  • Dr. Peggy Mason, UChicago - "The Neurobiological Basis of Helping: Lessons from Rats" - Fall '13
  • Dr. Dorothy Kozlowski, DePaul - "Neuroplasticity and Neurorehabilitation in an Animal Model of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): How Can It Inform Clinical Rehabilitation?" - Fall '13
  • Dr. Miguel Nicolelis, Duke - "Computing with Brain Circuits" - Winter '13
  • Dr. Nima Bassiri, Duke - "Pathology and Personhood in the History of Brain Research" - Spring '13
  • Dr. Bradley Voytek, UCSF - Fall '12
  • Dr. Anne Churchland, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - Fall '12

If you have any questions regarding the NEURO Lecture series, please reach out to Elle, Director of CUE, using the form below:

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