The NEURO Club

The Neuroscience Education, University Research, and Outreach Club at The University of Chicago

The Committee on University Enrichment (CUE) is focused on organizing large and small-scale lectures, symposiums, colloquium, panels, presentations, and talks at the University of Chicago. These campus events attract and are open to both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to faculty and staff, and community members. One of CUE's goals is to provide opportunities for the student body to develop their interests and knowledge of the multidisciplinary field that neuroscience is becoming. Additionally, CUE hopes to provide a forum for NEURO members to actively engage in sharing ideas, interests, and research opportunities. 

The main events the Committee on University Enrichment organizes are the annual Neuroscience Speaker Series by inviting two to three speakers and researchers to campus every quarter -- from the University of Chicago, but also across the United States and abroad. Furthermore, CUE puts on NEURO Chats, which are more informal colloquia that allow graduate students in neuroscience to present their work to peers and undergraduates and receive feedback and questions. These events are well-attended and offer attendees an opportunity to get discover and learn more about various sub-disciplines of neuroscience regardless of level of expertise.

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